Multi-Client Seismic Project - Goldfields WA

Aug 09, 2017

Creating new insights in the Kalgoorlie Goldfields

HiSeis is proposing to lead a consortium of companies to participate in a high resolution 2D seismic survey over the Kalgoorlie Goldfields region, from St Ives in the south to Paddington in the north.

Why be part of the Multi-Client Project?

  • Cost effect way to obtain 2D seismic data over a large area of the highly prospective Kalgoorlie Goldfields.
    Resolve ambiguities in the geological architecture.
    Create better mineral system models with which to rank and prioritise targets.
    Understand the third dimension of structures – critical to the next phase of discovery.

    What’s involved?

    • The project concept is to acquire and process 250km of high resolution, deep probing 2D seismic  data over five 50km long lines in the Kalgoorlie region; reprocess key Geoscience Australia deep crustal seismic lines; and finally to deliver an integrated interpretation utilising existing public domain gravity, magnetic and geological mapping data.  The cost will be shared between five underwriters with the underwriters receiving all the data collected.

      Underwriter Package

      • 250km of high resolution 2D seismic data, processed and enhanced for the different geological terrains.
      • Reprocessed GA crustal seismic data from the area.
      • Shared integrated interpretation package over all the data using available public domain data.
      • Proprietary integrated interpretation package incorporating underwriter’s proprietary data.
      • Ability to contribute existing modern seismic data for credit.
      • Credit from further sales applied to the expansion of the project.

      Non Underwriters

    • Companies who have not participated as underwriters can purchase sections of data at commercial rates.


      HiSeis Investment

    • Pricing for the package reflects HiSeis’s investment in the project and is dependent on the full program being underwritten.


      How to get involved?

    • Contact either Joe Dwyer, Greg Turner or Don Pridmore from HiSeis.