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HiSeis brings you eSeis, an affordable introduction to seismic.

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eSeis is an affordable introduction to seismic

What is eSeis?

eSeis » What is Eseis
eSeis is a 2D seismic introduction for your operations.

We at HiSeis know the value of 3D seismic in mineral exploration. The geological insight at depth is invaluable to mine planning and exploration.

However, we know that 3D seismic is seen as expensive… and it can be.

Convincing a mine or project to spend money on 3D seismic without knowing material benefits is difficult.

That is why we have listened to you.

That is why we have developed a 2D seismic program specifically for you.

That is why we have developed a 2D seismic program that is both economical and gives you results… FAST.

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Up to 15 km of 2D seismic.

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10 crew & equipment.

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Eco Friendly

Best practices to minimize impact.

That is why we are rolling out eSeis for people like you.

eSeis includes the following.

  • 15 km of 2D seismic
  • 10 crew and equipment
  • Ecologically light footprint

But what does eSeis provide you?

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What is eSeis?

eSeis » What You Get
You get ASX quality images FAST

One of the hardest things about doing a seismic survey is not knowing what you are going to get.

We need to tell you 2D seismic is not a silver bullet of hard rock exploration.

In fact, 2D seismic has many limitations, including the following:

  • 2D image of a three-dimensional earth
  • Out of plane reflections appearing on 2D image
  • Line length limits overall imaging depths with 2D seismic

At HiSeis we understand these limitations of 2D seismic and how to handle them!

That is why we have designed eSeis to deliver 2D seismic products you need.

eSeis » ASX 200x200 WH 1

ASX Ready

High-quality images for ASX release.

eSeis »

Depth Images

Exploratory imagery at depth.

eSeis »

Fast Results

Results delivered in 1 month.

We know you need results fast while providing geological insight at depth.

This is where eSeis is a perfect fit for your program by delivering:

  • High-quality images and analysis for your ASX release
  • Images at depth for your geological exploration
  • Fast results within two months.

We work for you to get your results.

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What we do.

Seismic in hardrocks is what we do
From design to acquisition, data analysis, and deliverables, we have you covered.

Deploying a new technology can be an intimidating experience.

You will have a lot of questions about what exactly goes on before, during, and after a seismic survey.

  • What am I going to have to do to make the survey a success?
  • Are there precautions I have to take?
  • How can I analyze the data?

You don’t have to worry, we will walk you through what we need to make your survey a success.

We will be there with you through the entire process!

eSeis »

Survey Design

We work with you to maximize our field ops.

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Data is processed by our expert teams.

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Your results are delivered fast with confidence.

We have been doing this a long time and we have you covered.

We have developed a systematic method to deliver precise results to you.

  • Survey Design and Acquisition
  • Data Analysis and Processing
  • Explanation of Deliverables

We want you to have a successful seismic experience.

That is because we are industry leaders in hard rock seismic.

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Trust Our Experience

eSeis »
World-leading hard rock seismic experience.

It is scary to try a new exploration technique and put a lot of money on the line.

You will ask yourself:

  • Do these people know what they are doing?
  • Can I trust they have my best interest in mind?
  • Can they deliver on time?

These are all valid concerns, and we understand.

As industries leaders we want you to know what you are getting from us.

eSeis »

13 Years

Industry-leading experience.

eSeis »

54 Clients

Worldwide world-class clients.

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104 Projects

World and local experience.

You are getting:

  • 13 years of industry-leading experience in seismic in mineral exploration
  • 54 worldwide and world-class clients
  • 104 successful projects and counting!

Your 2D survey is in good hands.

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