Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions about using seismic in hard rock exploration and mining. Our business development team is happy to answer any further questions you have.

What will seismic do for me that drilling won’t?

Drilling remains the ground truth. Seismic will optimize your drilling, not replace it.

  • Better targeting – improving success rates and reducing your costs as you look deeper
  • Faster resource definition – within 6 months of starting the acquisition you will have a comprehensive image of the subsurface, that is then complemented by further drilling.
  • Broader vision – seismic will be able to interpolate drilling data between your prospects. We’ll give you rock property probability cubes over the full area of the survey.

Who is HiSeis?

HiSeis is a mining technology company specializing in hard rock seismic solutions for targeted orebody discovery.

HiSeis has created the most comprehensive Hard rock seismic database available to the mining industry today; boasting more than 100 hard-rock seismic surveys across a wide variety of orebody types and mine sites around the globe.

Our customer base spans the breadth of the mid-tier base and precious metal mining companies and increasingly penetrates the junior exploration space.

3D seismic provides the BIGGER PICTURE to uncover discoveries beyond traditional measurements’ reach.

How is Hard Rock seismic different?

Hardrock seismic is not a commoditized service.

The complex geometries, subtle acoustic contrasts, and highly variable nature of minerals deposition make it completely different to O&G plays and prohibits 1-1 transfer of best practices across the respective industries.

HiSeis’ unique solution is enhanced by the colocation of experienced hard rock seismic survey design, data processing, and geological interpretation teams; which is essential to quality assurance and representative subsurface characterization.

Is seismic expensive?

The cost of seismic has reduced by > 50% in the last few years due to the introduction of new technologies such as cableless receiver nodes.

Cost is no longer a barrier, in fact, our introductory seismic programs eSeis, are less than the cost of a single deep drill hole.

What environmental impact does seismic have?

Targeted drilling means more efficient exploration programs requiring less energy consumption and therefore lower Scope 2 and 3 emissions.

We believe a big picture understanding of your asset enables better mine planning decisions to enable reduced carbon footprints over the life of a mine.

HiSeis is the only geophysics technology provider to identify the probability of mineralization at depth before you drill.

Does it work everywhere?

Yes, we operate all over the world in all commodities!

With access to high-performance computing, we have made a step-change in the quality of the product and the geological understanding it brings during the last 24 months.

Historical limitations such as steep dips and shallow zones of interest have been largely overcome through proprietary HiSeis workflows.

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