Seismic Interpretation subscription service for drill targeting support.

Hi-Sight - Madsen


Hardrock seismic is not a commoditised service. The complex geometries, subtle acoustic contrasts and highly variable nature of minerals deposition makes it completely different to O&G plays and prohibits 1-1 transfer of best practices across the respective industries. HiSeis’ unique solution is enhanced by colocation of experienced hard rock seismic survey design, data processing and geological interpretation teams, which is essential to quality assurance and representative subsurface characterisation.

HiSeis’ team of interpretation geologists has over 70 years of combined experience in the minerals industry, in commodities ranging from gold and base metals through to iron ore, and in fields such as mining, structural, resource and exploration geology.

They have also examined more hard rock seismic data than any other group of geologists on the planet. This experience means they have a detailed understanding of the complex geology that hosts mineral systems. This enables them to interpret the data and make sense of the geophysics in a way that ensures clients have the information they need to make better exploration decisions.

The HI-SIGHT service includes:

New Products

  • TOP-ROCK, FAULT-MOD, SEISOMICS and ROCK-MOD (Data dependent);
  • Seismic interpretation;
  • Observations significant to the geological & mineral systems understanding of the area;
  • Identification of Areas of Interest (AOI) that may impact targeting;
  • A comparison between the existing geological model and processed seismic data;
  • Modification of broad scale features & domains where required;
  • A comparison between the existing drilling data and processed seismic data;
  • Interpretation updates;
  • Any new drill hole log data, (reprocessed) geophysical data, or new observations will be incorporated in a regular update of the existing interpretation.

Drill targeting support
HiSeis will work with clients to integrate geological understanding and existing data to determine ranking criteria for drillhole targeting and assist in planning drillhole trajectories.


Decision support across life-of-mine

Augment your technical capabilities with seismic expertise throughout expiration and beyond.

We can’t predict your future
but we can help you see underground.