Seismic Inversion, turning sound waves into rock (sort of) See it done in hard rock environments!

September 21 2021

3D seismic data in hard rock environments not only give detailed geological and structural information but can also show rock type and alteration extents. Check out the video below.

Hard rock seismic from crustal to deposit scale: Case studies from Australia

March 15 2020

This presentation covers the value proposition for hard rock seismic and utilises open file data to complement the modern day explorer’s tool kit.

Advances in Seismic Reflection as an Exploration Tool in Hard-Rock Mining

October 22 2017

This paper addresses how understanding the rock properties is key to interpretation and alteration is a key control on seismic properties. Seismic is very effective at mapping structures.

Finding Gold – Time for a Seismic Shift in Exploration Thinking

October 8 2014

Seismic enables gold explorers to develop a full 3D understanding of their mineral prospects in a new and highly cost effective way.

Seismic signatures of large mineral systems, evidence of fluid flow and alteration at depth


Deep seismic data provides insight into mineral forming processes.

Time for a Seismic Shift, Australian Copper Conference

June 2014

Finding Copper – Seismic demonstrated effectiveness at multiple sites to depths >1km.

Capturing all of the value of the Life of Mine Volume, Mining 2013, Brisbane


Benefits of earlier insight into Life of Mine Volume.

High Resolution Seismic for Minerals, MEGWA, Western Australia


Seismic can map the lithological boundaries, faults, alternation zones and intrusions which control mineralisation and potentially hazardous conditions for mining.

Application of reflection seismic to mineral exploration, world-class Century Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, northwest Queensland, Australia

August 2012

Reprocessed and re-interpreted government acquired regional seismic dataset is useful in mineral exploration industry.

Seismic Methods for Hard Rock Mineral Exploration


2D and 3D seismic provides high resolution data for detailed interpretation of lithology, structure and mineral alteration.

Otway Basin Project Stage I: Results of seismic monitoring


Opportunity for long-term cutting edge research and international collaboration.

Application of 3D seismic in the delineation of uranium bearing structures at Ranger 3 Deeps

August 22-26 2010

The value of applying 3D seismic surveys to detect and accurately image important structural details.

3D TEM and Seismic surveying in and round nickel sulphide deposits, Kambalda, Western Australia. Resources minérales, nouvelles frontiers, l’Action Nationale INS


Integrated multidisciplinary high resolution 3D geophysics in brownfields and in-mine exploration: New, successfull approaches in gold, nickel and uranium deposits


The value of utilising high resolution 3D seismic in brownfields and in-mine exploration to expand life of mine.

3D Seismic for mineral exploration


Introducing the use of seismic reflection methods to expand mining activities.

Seismic Exploration of Ore Deposits in Western Australia


This paper presents the application of seismic reflection methods for mineral exploration in hard rock environments.

An analysis of seismic information obtained from crooked line seismic surveys in crystalline rocks, Australia


A presentation about the use of crooked line seismic surveys in hard rock environments.