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Seismic Exploration for Volcanogenic Massive Sulphides – The Rosebery Zinc, Lead, Copper Mine, Tasmania

This paper addresses the challenges in the processing seismic data and strategies used to overcome them eventually leading to the direct imaging of the orebody.

Finding Gold – Time for a Seismic Shift in Exploration Thinking

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This paper presents the results of recent seismic surveys assisting exploration for high-grade gold In terranes with known gold endowment.

Seismic Reflection for Hydrogeology; Where is the Value?

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This paper addresses the value added by utelising seismic reflection in the groundwater industry.

Seismic reflection as a direct detector of gold mineralisation in the Carlin District, Nevada, USA

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This thesis presents the results one can achieve by utilising seismic reflection to detect gold mineralisation.

Integrated multidisciplinary high resolution 3D geophysics in brownfields and in-mine exploration: New successful approaches in gold, nickel and uranium districts

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This paper present the successful use of seismic reflection in detecting gold, nickel, and iron ore deposits in the greenstone belt of the Yilgarn craton, Western Australia.

An analysis of seismic information obtained from crooked line seismic surveys in crystalline rocks, Australia

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This paper presents use of crooked seismic lines for improved structural interpretation in hard rock environment.

Shallow high-resolution seismic imaging of the Three Springs talc mine, Western Australia The Leading Edge

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This paper addresses the use of high resolution seismic methods for imaging talc mineralisation.

Surface and borehole seismic methods to delineate kimberlite pipes in Australia, The Leading Edge

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This paper addresses the use of seismic methods in kimberlite pipe exploration.