2D & 3D Seismic Surveys – Choosing the right tool for the job

August 27 2020

HiSeis industry experts Graeme Hird – Principal Geologist, Geological Modelling and Interpretation  & Jennifer Neild – Seismic Interpretation Manager  will walk you through the following :
1. The roles and scope of 2D and 3D seismic surveys in exploration strategies
2. The implications of out-of-plane events when processing and interpreting 2D seismic lines acquired in complex geological settings
3. The significance of the choices made during survey design and their influence on the final outcomes of both 2D and 3D seismic surveys

Using 3D Seismic data to de-risk mine plans

July 22 2020

Greg Turner – General Manager of Technical Services illustrates how the integration of 3D seismic survey data can provide a more complete characterization of the rock-mass and significantly reduce project risks. This data can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of common on-the-fly alterations made to mine plans due unexpected structures or poor ground conditions.

How to determine if Seismic is the right tool for your project

June 23 2020

Thinking about doing a seismic survey but not sure what size survey would be required? The HiSeis derisking process will help define the requirements.

Presented by Gem Midgley – Derisking Manager, HiSeis Pty Ltd

Host: Christopher Esterhuizen – Senior Project Analyst Business Development, HiSeis Pty Ltd

The Value of Seismic: From Greenfields to Mine- Architecture, Structure, and Direct Targeting

June 22 2020

As the only geophysical exploration technique capable of providing high-resolution geological images and targets below a few hundred meters, hard-rock seismic is becoming an essential element of the miner’s exploration toolkit. With commodity prices depressed and an emphasis on cost management, HiSeis Pty Ltd offers an innovative exploration method for many mines in this tough economic environment.

Presented by Roric Smith – Principal Consultant, HiSeis Pty Ltd

Host: Damien Kenworthy– GM Business Development, HiSeis Pty Ltd