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HiSeis began as an ambitious idea by Curtin University researchers

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Over 12 years ago, a team at Curtin University, prompted by the onerous cost of traditional mineral exploration and deposit characterisation methods in the mining sector, undertook research into new methods in the area. The research team sought to develop strategies that addressed statics and velocity analysis in hard rock mining and the use of seismic surveys to map mineral geology.

HiSeis, is the commercial face of the research undertaken at Curtin. Our services employ the techniques developed at Curtin that have proved to be game changers in hard rock mineral exploration. Our seismic services span investigation, optimisation, high-resolution 3D imaging, and value accumulation, and we have performed over 80 seismic surveys in countries all over the world. Our techniques are the only way of obtaining images of useful resolution at depths, where other methods dramatically lose resolution.

HiSeis is also able to stay at the cutting edge of developments in the area of hard rock mineral exploration. We do this by retaining and building on our links with academia, so that the innovation and research based underpinnings of the company are retained and strengthened. To that end, Curtin University retains a stake in HiSeis and we benefit from the expertise of consultants and staff who are teach and research in the area. Many current members of staff also combine work doctoral and post graduate studies further strengthening the innovative and research based core of the company’s DNA.