Our Imaging Technology

Advanced seismic technology for mapping the subsurface

Seismic Cube


HiSeis’ geologists are experts at extracting geological significance from seismic data and integrating it with other sources of data, adding value for explorationists and mine geologists alike. Our seismic processing successfully images the critical structures responsible for the deposition and enrichment of gold. Detecting these faults, their sense of movement and their reactivation has been pivotal to finding gold deposits and base metal deposits.

HiSeis seismic is highly effective in delineating the extents of stratiform copper, mineral sands and massive sulphides where velocity and density of related minerals provides contrasts to the surrounding rock mass. HiSeis seismic is the only geophysical method capable of imaging to depths beyond 3km and therefore is a powerful tool to map extents of intrusion related deposits.

Understanding how seismic data characterises physical changes in the rock is key to finding new ore bodies.