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Using the latest nodal seismic equipment selected for its in-field deployment flexibility, high performance, and low environmental impact, HiSeis is able to operate around large scale mine infrastructure more efficiently with smaller crew sizes. HiSeis is able to cater its seismic sources to a range of environments depending on ‘seismic noise’ generated at the mine site. With industry leading experience, HiSeis will design customised acquisition programs to produce the best subsurface image possible.


Due to the everchanging landscape of mining operations, HiSies have experienced in-field geophysicists that are constantly making ‘on the go’ changes to accommodate our clients needs. Changes to exclusion zones, survey designs and heritage zones have the ability to be updated daily during the acquisition phase of the program. This allows HiSeis to have  uniquely dynamic seismic acquisition program to fit in with our clients requirements.

Acquisition Equipment

We have both cabled and cable-less recording systems available for use depending on the project objectives and site conditions.

Seismic Sources

We have a variety of seismic sources – industry heavy-weight 60,000lb buggy mounted vibroseis trucks, track mounted weight drops, and accelerated weight drops.

We are able to facilitate drilling and loading programs for sub-surface seismic charges in terrain prohibits other mechanical seismic sources.

Logging Equipment

Wireline vertical seismic profile and full wave sonic probes for use in downhole seismic programs.

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