Optimising seismic survey design

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A carefully designed and well executed high resolution seismic survey means clearer and more accurate information about your geology. By providing datasets of the highest quality, together with the running of extensive interpretation sessions, HiSeis ensures you get maximum value from your seismic exploration investment.

Seismic reflection exploration has the innate ability of imaging geology to many kilometres in depth, however miners are often most interested in economical mining depths. In order to adequately image this zone, HiSeis create spatially dense designs specifically to meet the target of interest. 

Our initial ‘very high density’ 2D seismic reflection surveys are studied in detail in order to parameterise the most ideal and economical sampling and offsets required for a 3D survey. Due to the nature of our clients complex geometries and hard ‘rock velocities’ HiSeis has developed proprietary design specifications to meet these imaging objectives with ‘high fold’ datasets. 

HiSeis survey designs are able to take into account even the most complex mining infrastructure or topographic relief. Our team has intricate knowledge required to ‘undershoot’ tailings storage facilities, active or inactive open pits and processing plant facilities. Mixed seismic source options are utilised to navigate terrain the large vibroseis trucks are unable to access. Environmentally sensitive areas are a common issue where smaller more compact sources are able to navigate with less environmental footprint.

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Pioneering work by Hiseis indicates that 3D seismic has the ability to characterise the earth in 10-15m sized cubes down to depths of several kilometres. Within this volume it is already possible to:

  • Identify structures which may control the distribution of mineralisation, create hazardous conditions for mining operations, or both
  • Directly detect certain styles of mineralisation


HiSeis’ differentiation includes:

  • Using cutting edge technology and innovative design to enable the use of small, low cost acquisition teams with low environmental impact
  • Development and application of algorithms and software tools that are specific for use with data from hard rock environments. This enables more critical information to be extracted from seismic images. With the automation of this process, data turn-around times, opportunity and cost effectiveness is significantly improved
  • Proprietary know-how in the design, acquisition, processing and interpretation of complex 3D seismic data and the interrelationship of each of these stages
  • A seismic de-risking process to demonstrate the suitability of seismic on the geology prior to committing to a survey
  • Providing a holistic service approach to the delivery of seismic survey information

We also offer multi-client reprocessing by utilising open file seismic datasets to provide cost effective geological imagery to fast track mineral discovery and improve mine planning.

The combination of these technology and business innovations will deliver a better and more meaningful seismic image of the geology to the customer in a form that will facilitate better exploration and mining decisions.

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