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HiSeis’ processing team leverage off the collective experience gained from over 80 hard rock seismic projects from around the world. Utilising multiple software packages, proprietary workflows and access to in-house high powered computing, HiSeis is able to maximise the value of the seismic dataset. Routine downhole logging and physical property analysis provide valuable independent calibration and ground truthing during the processing and interpretation of the data. An integrated and iterative approach to reviewing the data together with the interpretation department ensures geological consistency at each step of the way.

Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the Exploration Geophysics department at Curtin University gives us the capability to conduct cutting edge RND and remain at the forefront of the technology. Honours, Masters & PhD students are regularly consulted to provide novel insights from a range of specialisations and expertise. Input as well as co-supervision of research and dissertation topics ensures HiSeis is able to guide as well as learn from relevant developments.

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HiSeis have developed unique workflows, and our geophysicists and geologists work in tandem to generate the best possible results. The company’s business models are built on our guiding principles and the provision of high quality seismic services globally has made it a unique premium quality seismic hard rock exploration service provider. 

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