What we stand for

Our ideology defines why we exist as a company

What we stand for » what we stand


Our purpose is to ensure miners have better geological information. From the moment Curtin University researchers had the ambitious idea to transform traditional mineral exploration through seismic, we have been working to give miners faster and better access to their mineral geologies.


Create tomorrow

We are redefining the way miners explore the earth, enabling new technologies and ways of working, so the miners of tomorrow can access more detailed information, faster and safer than ever before.

Challenge accepted

We live to solve problems and have the courage to challenge the status quo and what’s considered possible.

Smarter together

Individually, we’re pretty smart but only by embracing diversity, pooling our resources and working collaboratively can we truly change the way miners explore the earth. 

Walk in their shoes

To help our customers make smarter decisions through the life of mine, we have to really know them, what matters to them and the critical issues they’re facing. 

Think bigger

To reach our full potential we have to release the handbrake, believe we’re capable of anything and behave like the business we want to become.